Church of Scotland: Presbytery of Dundee

"living out the good news
of faith, hope and love."

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Presbytery Clerk
Rev James L Wilson BD, CPS

Presbytery meets at 7pm in Meadowside St Paul's on:
Wednesday:   12 September 2012
14 November 2012
12 December 2012
13 February 2013
13 March 2013 in The Steeple Church
8 May 2013 in Chalmers Ardler
26 June 2013

If you are not currently a member of a Church of Scotland church in Dundee then check the list of churches and click on the name that sounds closest to your address.

You will find details of the address of the Church together with details of the Minister and Congregation.

You should find the time of morning worship and contacts for church groups and activities meeting on their premises.



  Presbytery Committees:
  29  August  2012
  31  October  2012
  28  November  2012
  30  January  2013
  27  February  2013
  24  April  2013
  12  June  2013

The Church Of Scotland:      121, George Street, Edinburgh EH2 4YN        0131 225 5722